Brand New Boat Nitro Z19

So this is where the dream starts. We picked up our new bass boat. First, let’s take a look at how we even got here. Me & my brother both decided we were going to fish the Wild West Bass Trail this year (WWBT). We decided this without even having a boat. This set up the goal of having a boat by January 14th. the first tournament of the circuit. We went to Angler’s Marine in Anaheim Ca, to take a look. We decided we were going to go with an aluminum bass tracker worth around $15k t0 $20k. We decided we were going to make the purchase after Christmas because we might get some spending money that would help out. To our surprise, our mother had put a down payment on a fully rigged Nitro Z19. Emotions were indescribable. The best part about it was that it meant she believed in us. When we tell most people about what we want to do it usually gets brushed off. Having her support means so much. So now that we have a fully rigged boat its time to learn how to use it. We will keep you updated. Specs in the link below ▼

Nitro Z-19

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