WWBT Lake Oroville Review

Lake Oroville was the first tournament my brother Philip and I have ever fished together. We were both counting down the days for this one especially. This tournament meant so much to us because it marked a huge milestone in our lives. The start of competitive bass fishing. Competition has been a huge part of who we are. We use it to release stress, activate adrenaline, and to just have plain old fun. My brother and I were so competitive growing up, almost every day after school ended in a fist fight over some sport or video game. I believe this is a good trait when it comes to freshwater bass fishing.

The drive up from Los Angeles was smooth. We left from Torrance Ca and got to Oroville in about 8 hrs. There really is not much scenery on the 5 freeway. Some farms, cows, and a whole lot of nothing. It makes for a pretty boring drive. When we were about half way there I had gone into a gas station to fill up my tank in Kettleman city. After walking out I remembered that Philip had the boat key on his key ring, I thought there is no way he didn’t have his keys but I’m just going to ask anyway. Philip did not have his keys. He had gotten confused and thought they were on my key ring. My first thought was we need to go home now. If we leave now we can make it to Oroville by midnight (instead of 3pm). As I was about to head home Josh said pull over for a second and let’s look at our options. Philip said there could be a set in the boat as he had taken the boat into the dealer to get a couple minor things fixed. We took the boat cover off and there they were in the driver side cup holder. Thank you Angler’s Marine in Anaheim for being on top of your game and Saving my brothers butt. we headed to Oroville relieved.

We got to Oroville around 3pm so we had plenty of time to rig and prepare for tomorrow. We did so rigging mostly finesse tactics. The day of the tournament would be our first time on the lake so we wanted high percentage tactics. After rigging we got some food and explored a little bit of Oroville. The scenery was beautiful. I love Northern California for its nature. You see so much more wildlife than in Southern California. We stopped by a local tackle shop called North Valley Tackle. We asked them if there was a pond to fish nearby. The people working at the shop could not have been more accommodating and pointed us in the right direction. We fished a pond for about thirty minutes until sunset and took off back to the hotel to get some rest.

The next morning we got to the ramp at 5am to try and beat the boat traffic to registration. Registration was a breeze and we got back to our boat. We launched our boat and then waited for everyone one else to put in. After the National Anthem, we were in the second flight to take off. We started out at a picture perfect spot on the main body right across the lake from launch. Anyone would know this spot because there is almost a perfect rectangle of big rock boulders that leads into the water with no other rock around it. We did not end up catching them there but we also did not spend much time. The rest of the day we were running and gunning, mostly the main body of the lake. We graphed some fish and lost a couple in 40 ft of water. I was throwing a Keitech with a darter head on it for most the day, and Philip was throwing a shaky head. At about two o’ clock we still had no fish and we had to weigh in very soon at 3pm. We made a bet that if one of us caught a fish the other had to weigh it in. The competitiveness came back really quick. Philip changed the color of his shaky head worm a black with red flake that I had dipped in pink. That was what they wanted. He caught three within thirty minutes which was extremely productive compared to what was going on all day. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to fill a limit of seven fish but I was grateful for the three. The next thing you know I was on stage weighing three fish. In the WWBT if you catch one fish it almost doubles your points toward the championship at the end of the year. We ended up in 131st place out of 167 boats. We got 121 points toward the championship instead of 50. While these obviously aren’t impressive feats we are happy with how everything went. Our new boat ran perfectly, we got to reconnect with some old friends, and we absolutely learned a bunch. Next, we have Lake Shasta which will be more of the same type of fishing. Here is a link to the tournament results.


Tournament Results

Lures Used:

Zoom Shakey Head Worm

Shakey Head

Roboworm (Shad Color)

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