Amateur To Pro Tip 1: how do you get started?

Getting Started on your way to becoming a bass fishing pro is in no way easy. Certain things must line up in order to take that first step. In this blog, I will talk about what lined up for us and what you must have to dive into the competitive bass fishing world.

The first thing that must be there probably more than anything is passion. I know this because I can feel it from within myself and from within my team. Also, almost every professional angler talks about how much they love what they do. This isn’t a glorious career with endless pockets of cash. You can tell people that excel in this sport absolutely love what they do. It is not just fun, it is completely exhausting. You will be so drained after tournaments and have to drive. The passion must be there to motivate you through these times.

The second thing you are going to need is a cash flow. This is not a cheap hobby. It will leave you flat broke with all the traveling, food costs, tackle costs, boat costs and much more. Philip and I both work construction. I work in accounting and he is in labor. This provides us with a substantial cash flow to get the things we need.  Even with both of us having good jobs we are currently in a tough spot. We have our boat payment coming up, insurance, and rental storage payments. These are all new costs for us. Also, the start-up costs of running a business doesn’t make it any easier. Cash is king, and you will not get anywhere without it.

Confidence is another thing. If you don’t believe you can be great then why try. Try telling people you want to become a professional bass angler for a couple weeks. The reactions are priceless. You get that “Are you serious” look followed up with a half-hearted support full comment, “oh, that’s cool”. Some people may be even more direct and tell you it’s ridiculous or plain dumb. If you can block this out and listen to the supportive people in your life, you will be headed in the right direction.

So far, it has been well worth the journey. We are just getting started but I am loving the learning stages. I work from 8am-5pm, go to the gym, then work on BassBros. as much as I can till I have to get some rest. On the weekends I learn how to fish. I would not want to have it any other way. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to say whats up!


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