WWBT Clear Lake Review

So Clear Lake was rough……….. We did not do well. In fact, I did not even look for how we placed. We had 10lbs for six fish because I forgot a one-pounder in the live well. So we still have not technically caught a limit. We first tried a spot that I had fished before in college, the bridge right before Rodman. A lot of boats were set up outside of Rodman. Some people were catching them here and there but nothing spectacular. I lost a big one right on the bridge. I made a 3-foot cast and got caught by surprised by a Clear Lake bull. The rest of the time we could not buy a bite. Everyone around us did not seem to be catching them, but they were not going anywhere. We decided finally to try and catch a limit off docks. We were able to, but it was one-pounder after one-pounder.

Living in Southern California it is too costly to pre-fish these events. Taking time off of work is another factor as well. Unfortunately, we were really out of the loop and could not find a pattern. It was awesome seeing the size of fish there. Multiple teams had brought in eleven-pound fish. They beat us with one fish…….. Clear Lake was another awesome experience, though. Andrew Loberg allowed us to stay with him at his lake house which could not have been more beautiful. Andrew Loberg and Travis Bounds always spoil us when it comes to hosting. It helps so much after those long drives. Next, we have the Delta in May. If we want to qualify for the championship I’m predicting we would have to come in the top 20.

Tournament Results

Lures Used:

Ganns Spinnerbait

Roboworm Bold Bluegill

Yamamoto Senko Green Pumpkin

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