BBT Lake Castaic review

Best Bass Tournaments was all in all a great time. The staff of BBT put on a very professional and fun event from start to finish. I took some lessons away from this event that will hopefully help you out in the future. We were able to catch a big fish of the tournament but it didn’t count.
We ended up in 22nd place with four fish that weighed around 11 pounds. I really want to talk about two things we did wrong that could have changed the tournament around for us.

The first thing is bed fishing efficiency. All of our fish came off beds, the problem was we kept getting stuck on fish that weren’t worth it. If we would have just moved on from fish we thought were two pounders and ended up being ones, we could have found some better quality bed fish. In the future, we plan to set a timer. Time can slip away quickly without you even noticing. This well help us be aware of the time.

The second thing we learned is always to check your fish and live wells. We caught a 4.64 that would have paid out for the third biggest fish but we didn’t turn our recirc (recirculation)pump on and the fish ended up dying on us. We got so caught up in trying to catch a limit that we forgot to check them for two hours. So no matter how caught up you get in finding your limit remember to always check your fish.

Tournament results

What we caught them on:
White jig   for bed fish

Margarita Mutilator


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