Chasing Dreams

For Bass Bros. fishing as a professional has always been a dream. It has been decided that this dream will be seriously pursued. The problem we face is exactly how do we get there? There is no easy answer to this question. We decided to document our path to becoming professional freshwater bass fisherman. This way we will be able to provide useful information to anyone pursuing the same dream. We also get to provide insight on the lifestyle of freshwater bass fisherman. No matter what happens along the way, we will all learn together.

The Team


Patrick Friedman

I grew up fishing along with my brother Philip. Our father had started a fish reporting company called 976-Tuna in Southern California. We both had started fishing for mackerel off the docks as soon as we could walk. I had many 3/4 day, half day, and even long range trips out of San Diego by the time I got to Bishop Montgomery High School. I was also very much into sports from the time I started walking. In high school my dominant sport was football. I loved contact sports right away. I loved the feeling of camaraderie & working hard with a team to accomplish a goal. After high school. I decided to go up to northern California to attend San Jose State University. This is where I was introduced to freshwater bass fishing. San Jose State has a freshwater bass team I hated it at first. Always breaking off my drop shot and never catching fish. Once I did catch one though it was so rewarding. I got much more into it after I fished my first tournament at Roosevelt Lake in Arizona. My friend and I went just to watch the weigh in. The president of the club got us in the tournament to our surprise and equipped us with two drop shot rods. We ended up in 5th place by sheer luck. After fishing many more tournaments in college and getting my degree in business entrepreneurship, I wanted to take my career to the next level. Thankfully my brother and our good friend Josh share my passion. We have a highly motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic attitude. I can not wait to see where it takes us!


Philip Friedman

My entire life I’ve lived in Southern California and for most of that time I’ve been all about fishing. My dad started me off fishing docks when I was two years old. When I turned twelve my dad got me a job decking sport fishing boats out of Redondo beach California. I mainly decked the spitfire but when the Betty-G or the Redondo Special was short a deck hand I would go and help them out.I did that up until I was sixteen because I started playing football at Bishop Montgomery High School and there was no time to do both. Later on my brother Patrick went to college where he started fishing fresh water. I can remember him telling me that I had to try it. All I could think is why would he trade tuna, yellowtail, and white sea bass for freshwater bass. I thought he was nuts. When Pat came home for spring break we went to Alondra Park in Lawndale CA so I could give this fresh water thing a try. I threw a lipless crank bait that ended up hooking into about a five-pound largemouth. I worked her all the way to the bank where she jumped and tossed the hook. I went back five times that week looking for that fish. I have been fishing fresh water now for about four years and it’s like I am starting all over. It’s a totally different ball game, it is like I’m  re-learning how to fish all over again and I love it. Now I want to take this thing all the way to the top. I want to be a pro, to compete against the best of the best and prove I’m worthy. I believe I will be pro especially with the team I have behind me. I could not be happier working with my brother and my best friend since first grade Josh. We want to work doing what we love and helping others along the way.


Joshua Selfridge

Just like Pat and Phil, I was born in the Southern California. Fishing has always played a role in my life, however, my road to get to where I am today was a little bit different than them. My grandparents have a ranch in central CA which is where my dad and my uncles taught me how to fish. I’ll always remember the first time my dad got me out of bed to go fish the early morning bite. Armed with a 30-dollar rod and reel combo from Wal-Mart, a bobber, and some Power bait I caught my first Largemouth. I instantly fell in love with fishing. At Bishop Montgomery High School I played football with Phil. Even though we would be busy with practice and school we would still find time to fish in the Redondo Beach harbor. We loved to catch calico bass, sand bass, and spotted bay bass, even now we will still fish that same harbor. In 2010 shortly after high school, I enlisted in the United States Navy as a Naval Air Crewman. Over those 6 years, I did not get to fish as much as I wanted but I was still able to catch fish all over the world. Bass fishing in Florida, salmon and trout in Washington, or tuna fishing in Guam I never let my passion for fishing get away from me. Now that I have completed my service I am able to pursue the one thing I have loved my entire life. I know a lot of people that enjoy fishing and they will go out once a month to get that adrenaline rush of setting a hook. But I have never met anyone with the dedication and passion for fishing that this team has. So together armed with a lot more than a combo and a bobber we are going to document our path on the road to becoming professional anglers. I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with two of the best friends a guy could ask for.