WWBT Clear Lake Review

So Clear Lake was rough……….. We did not do well. In fact, I did not even look for how we placed. We had 10lbs for six fish because I forgot a one-pounder in the live well. So we still have not technically caught a limit. We first tried a spot that I had fished before in college, the bridge right before Rodman. A lot of boats were set up outside of Rodman. Some people were catching them here and there but nothing spectacular. I lost a big one right on the bridge. I made a 3-foot cast and got caught by surprised by a Clear Lake bull. Read More

WWBT Lake Shasta Review

Going into the second tournament at Lake Shasta was not looking good. We were coming off a 131st place finish at Lake Oroville and the only thing we figured out about fishing for spots was the shaky head. Prior to heading up, Patrick had looked up where the past couple top 10 finishes were on the lake and it all pointed to the McCloud arm. Along with some reassurance from Travis Bounds and Andrew Loberg, we made the decision to start there. Read More

Amateur To Pro Tip 1: how do you get started?

Getting Started on your way to becoming a bass fishing pro is in no way easy. Certain things must line up in order to take that first step. In this blog, I will talk about what lined up for us and what you must have to dive into the competitive bass fishing world.

The first thing that must be there probably more than anything is passion. I know this because I can feel it from within myself and from within my team. Also, almost every professional angler talks about how much they love what they do. This isn’t a glorious career with endless pockets of cash. You can tell people that excel in this sport absolutely love what they do. It is not just fun, it is completely exhausting. You will be so drained after tournaments and have to drive. The passion must be there to motivate you through these times. Read More

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