Why We Pre-Fish

We love to pre-fish tournaments even though sometimes it does not help us on tournament day at all. In fact, the only tournament we have cashed a check at, we did not pre-fish. So why do we spend time doing it anyways? We pre-fish for three reasons, it can build confidence, we can get an idea of a pattern and what the fish are doing, and in the least, it’s more time on the water. Read More

BBT Lake Castaic review

Best Bass Tournaments was all in all a great time. The staff of BBT put on a very professional and fun event from start to finish. I took some lessons away from this event that will hopefully help you out in the future. We were able to catch a big fish of the tournament but it didn’t count. Read More

NBW lake Castaic  

The National Bass West was our first small local tournament. It was awesome to finally fish a laid back tournament. Brian Linehan the tournament director was extremely supportive in us coming out even though it was the last tournament of the circuit. We ended up having a good day catching them on reaction and finesse techniques. I even had to rock climb to get a bait back that was on fire. Read More

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